No Bistro como em casa

Ljubomir Stanisic, Mónica Franco

PHOTOS: Fabrice Demoulin

September 2018, Casa das Letras

Awarded in the Autumn Harvest List of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2020

“Bistromania – No Bistro como em casa” is a book, but it is also a life story. It is about a restaurant, Bistro 100 Maneiras by Ljubomir Stanisic, but it is above all a personal piece that makes us feel at home. The chef’s home made ours in a snap.

Bistromania is not a cookbook, but in these 300 pages we compile about 100 recipes for food and cocktails, to repeat at home and make Bistro our home – and make our home a Bistro. It is a work of the mediatic chef of “Pesadelo na Cozinha” (the Portuguese version of Kitchen Nightmares), but there are many other people inside.

It’s about a restaurant, but we also talk about art and music, people who mark us every day, friends. It is the result of serious work, but above all it intends to make you smile. We want to do a good work, but have fun while doing it. We have stories from behind the scenes, told by those who live them every day, there, in the action of our restaurant.

We have “100 Commandments”, but we know we do not command anything. We have “Before & After” because we want to build the present every day, thinking about the future and emphasizing the past. We feel privileged to have a “Greeting to Ljubomir” written by one of the great personalities (and specialists) of the national gastronomy.

We have an Astrological Chart because we believe in good energies. And then we have food… Lots of it and good: for a quick bite, to share, to eat with your hands, for the brave, for vegetarians, for grownups and kids, sweet and salty, alcoholic and probiotic, wines to feel… We are a book, we are a restaurant, we are people. We are Lisbon, we are Portugal in every way. And flavors!