Reivented according to each one's taste,
an unrepeatable experience

That’s Hendrick’s Room, at Bistro 100 Maneiras. A private space, for exclusive moments, where the irreverent spirit of 100 Maneiras is associated with the dynamic and provocative world of Hendrick’s.

Born in 2016 from the imagination and the hands of Mário Belém and Filipe Pinto Soares, Hendrick’s Room gathers the illustrations of the first and the technological installations of the second and intends to be “Lisbon’s best kept secret”. In the poplar walls, Hendrick’s botanicals serve as inspiration, with ingredients such as orange peel, cumin, lemon, cucumber, chamomile and coriander, among others, celebrating the pleasure of eating and drinking.

Walls that keep secrets

Different moods, different ways

The secret itself is hidden between the walls: a panel which allows full customization of the dinning room according to the mood of its guests. In this panel, you can activate a LED scheme with 128 random programs, control the intensity of the ceiling and wall lights and even connect a smartphone to choose the music. The result is a always different experience, designed to fit the moment and the wishes of its guests.

In the Hendrick’s Room, you can find two seats by the window. Because this room can be adapted to any occasion, this corner becomes the perfect place for intimate dinners, overlooking Chiado and the Tagus. Bigger reunions can happen too, as the room can accommodate up to 8 people.

It's mine,
only mine!

Private, ma non troppo

Although situated inside Bistro 100 Maneiras, the Hendrick’s Room functions as a microcosm of the 100 Maneiras universe, where each dinner can be a secret waiting to be discovered, a surprise to taste, share and repeat without moderation.

About the artists

Mário Belém

“I’ve been drawing since I can remember.” The beginning of Mário Belém’s story, illustrator and graphic designer, is simple. He created comic books and painted helmets. He entered the Faculty of Architecture (which he hated) and found that he wasn’t the right guy “to draw screws and bolts”. He took a course in Graphic Design in Ar.Co. and began working with José Bandeira, “one of the best drawing artist” he has met. He founded the thestudio.com with two partners, André Ribeiro and Juan Carmona. He likes parentheses, footnotes and digital pens (“my faithful companion of the day-to-day”). But what really likes to do is his personal work. After years of working only on the screen, he decided it was time to return to the roots: he relearned how to draw by hand and surrounded himself with spray cans and paint rollers. He lives in Portugal because he wants to. And above all, “because I love this (man)!” Closes parentheses, period.

Filipe Pinto Soares

Filipe Pinto Soares has his training in restoration at the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation and 3D animation at ETIC. He passed by St. Martin’s School of Art in London, where he studied image manipulation, art and design and took classes in production and video in Media Productions Facilities, also in London. In 2001, he created Relectro, an industrial design brand which combines technology and vintage ornaments. It was around thar time that plastic arts entered his resume. He participated in some group exhibitions and, in 2009, opened his first solo exhibition: Floating Dreams. His work reflects a journey of learning and experience, with the prospect of developing and innovating the look on pieces joining technology to art.