Ljubomir Stanisic, Mónica Franco

Portuguese Edition – October 2014, Casa das Letras

1 book
30 chapters
1 trip
1 family
2 adults, 1 child and 1 baby
1 motorhome that became a person
12 countries visited
14,732 kilometers driven by road
6 months on the road
200 days away from home
7234 photos
310 videos
8 guest international chefs

To make a book with 32 recipes, a work where one learns how to cook with what we have (and what we don’t have), in the worst and best conditions, in good and bad times, with native and canned ingredients, with noble and “poor” products.
To read, to cry, to laugh, to laugh onself to tears, to drink, to eat, to love, to hate, to copy, to envy … To “travel.” From home to any part of the world.