A Walk Through Portuguese Gastronomy

Ljubomir Stanisic, Mónica Franco

PHOTOS: Constantino Leite

Portuguese Edition – November 2011, Casa das Letras

Awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy and the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Papa Quilómetros – A Walk Through Portuguese Gastronomy is a cookbook. Not just that, but also. A work that had several formats and ended up being what it had to be: a tribute to the good things in life, Portugal, Portuguese products, people, friends, family, travel and cooking.

Ten chapters, ten places and local ingredients gave origin to many recipes signed by the most Portuguese Yugoslav chef ever. Ljubomir Stanisic made each chapter a hymn to national traditions and shows how he knows Portugal much better than many Portuguese.

He went to the beach of Santa Cruz in Torres Vedras and to the Island of the Farol in Olhão to milk goats and cook fish. To the top of Serra da Estrela and Douro, to explore the best of the Portuguese mountains and use native herbs, such as heather and lemon.

To Vidago and Sagres, to feel the locals and share frog legs and fish stew with them. To Gerês and S. Luís, in Odemira, to enter nature and extract rainbow trout and oysters.

He ended up at friends’ house, with friends, next to Arraiolos, to celebrate with brains, “paia” (a traditional sausage), pork knee and toast with a special sangria…

In the end, there are 80 recipes and a life story still short but very rich. This book could only be like this. The next ones? Let’s wait and see…