About us

100 Maneiras is the absence of rules
but also the infinitude of forms

The story of 100 Maneiras is inseparable from the story of Ljubomir Stanisic, head chef and creator of this concept.

The name intends to provoke, stimulate the senses and the imagination. Because 100 Maneiras refers, at the same time, to the absence of rules (in Portugal, 100 sounds like “sem”, which means “without”) but, also, to the infinity of forms. There are no strict rules, here, there is no limit to the creativity that is served at the table. Reflecting the personality of Ljubo (as the chef is known among his friends), 100 Maneiras merges tradition and innovation, knowledge and imagination.

The first 100 Maneiras in Lisbon is the first to serve a tasting menu at a democratic cost

In the first 100 Maneiras, opened in Cascais between 2004 and 2008, Ljubomir gained recognition and, above all, the knowledge and experience that served as the basis for the opening of Restaurante 100 Maneiras in Lisbon, in 2009.

With a little help from his friends Fausto and Carla Lopes, Ljubo opened Bairro Alto’s 100 (as we call it at  “home”). Than, Nelson Santos, famous for his DJ-sets, joined the group.

100 Maneiras on Rua do Teixeira was the first in town to serve a tasting menu at a democratic price. A small step to mankind, a small revolution in the portuguese capital.

The haute cuisine becomes the stage for a growing audience, an audience that likes to eat well, to discover, to experiment, but has no love for pretensions. This statement culminates with the opening of Bistro 100 Maneiras, in 2010 and another friend on the business: Nuno Faria, the creator behind the liquid parts of 100 Maneiras menus.

Bistro 100 Maneiras is a hymn to the pleasure of being and sharing the best things in life with the world

In the heart of Chiado, the comfort food of Ljubomir finds a house where his other passions coexist: cocktails, wines, people, nights that linger, the pleasure of being and sharing, with the world, the best things in life. This is also the stage par excellence of 100 Maneiras events, such as art exhibitions, film cycles or special events dedicated to specific products, such as our annual truffle event.

100 Maneiras are not only restaurants. They’re family that eats and feels, that drinks and has desires, that looks at the world wanting to swallow it.