A menu that is a declaration of love for the sea. In a country that has some of the best fish and seafood in the world, chef Ljubomir Stanisic assumes the mission of sharing one of our greatest treasures with those who come to the tables of Bairro Alto.

It is a menu made of the quality, versatility and richness of the ocean. Using products often despised, Ljubo designs an experience that stimulates the discovery of new paths, unavoidable nowadays, in a proof of love for the product.

Cut the fish off! – Cuttlefish cappuccino

Perfect skin – Fried fsh skin, red mullet, mackerel pate and curry mayo

Talking Head 2.0 – Scarlet shrimp head with lime mayo

Machu Piscis – Ceviche, sweet potato puree and freeze-dried corn

Ocean foam – Codfish, fish stew, fake tomato and cheese foam

Miss Piggy – Iberian pork tenderloin with beetroot polenta

Long live the queen! – Almond praline

Sweet Rice O’Mine – Ginger rice, rice serum, Abade de Priscos portuguese pudding and basil

Wine Menu

More than a simple dinner, Restaurante 100 Maneiras offers a complete experience, where the tasting menu created by chef Ljubomir Stanisic is joined by the wines selected by our team of sommeliers.

Besides the wine menu, dominated by portuguese references, there are two wine tasting menus: a classic and a premium, handpicked every season to match every dish of the menu and provide a journey. To discover Portugal, sip by sip.

Wine Pairing Menus

José Maria da Fonseca Pasmados 2008
Aveleda Reserva da Família – Alvarinho 2015
Fita Preta 2016
Pousio Reserva 2014
Mais Vale Tarde do que Nunca – Colheita Tardia 2013

Poço do Lobo – Arinto 1995
Quinta da Pedra – Alvarinho 2013
Palpite Reserva 2016
Quinta dos Murças Reserva 2012
Herdade dos Grous – Colheita Tardia 2013