Some stories begin by the end

That’s what happens in 100 Maneiras, a story which began with a final – the closure of the first 100 Maneiras, in Cascais – and grew through the passions of Ljubomir Stanisic.
The idea of creating a space where a dining experience could have democratic contours took Lisbon by assault, in 2009, and it didn’t take long to succeed.

For the first time, Portugal’s capital city had a restaurant with a single tasting menu at affordable prices. Lisbon responded with love and 100 Maneiras evolved.


Every season, a new menu

In a small room in Bairro Alto, with only 30 seats, Ljubo designed an experience conceived to praise the textures, flavors, aromas and colors of the ingredients that inhabit his imagination and taste.

This is, by definition, the chef’s lab: here, he tests, composes, takes risks. Here, you can taste his passions, experiences and findings.

Every season, a new menu gets to the tables of 100 Maneiras, to surprise, disclose and conquer. With no presumptions but with irreverence, humor and, above all, love.


A perfect example is the signature dish of the restaurant, the only course that never leaves the menu, having become the undisputed symbol of 100 Maneiras: the Codfish Clothesline.

At its origin, you can find the clotheslines filled with colorful clothes, spread by Lisbon’s windows, in Bairro Alto.

To this image, Ljubo added the trace of Siza Vieira, the most famous portuguese architect ever, and the shape of his Portuguese National Pavillion.The result is a mini clothesline where small colored clothes pegs sustain chips of the most “portuguese” fish of all: the cod.


The wines, an essential part of 100 Maneiras experience, have always been present too. It’s for them and with them that Ljubomir creates each menu, finding inspiration in the connection between gastronomy and enology.

Every season, two different wine pairing menus, classic and premium, offer a journey through a perfect wedding, from the beginning to the end.

A journey that’s always open, surprise after surprise, for those who seek to enjoy life’s little great pleasures.